Real World Breeding Philosophy

We treat our SimAngus and Simmental cattle like our customers treat theirs. RCF cows are expected to calve unassisted, re-breed on grass without grain and wean a calf, or they are culled. We cull relentlessly.

  • Unproductive cows are sent to the sale barn.
  • Bull and heifer calves that don't meet our strict standards become feeders in our feed lot.

We select for the traits that have the greatest economic value to our customers.

  • Calving Ease and Birth Vigor - Has been our #1 priority for over 30 years, you have to have a live calf to sell.
  • Disposition - We don't put up with bad dispositions, they are culled no matter what the pedigree or numbers.
  • Fertility and Fleshing Ability - We expect our 300 head cow herd to re-breed on grass without grain.
  • Maternal (Milk, Udder Quality, Disposition) - We don't have time to work with problem cows, they go to the sale barn.
  • Growth - We expect calves out of our bulls to come unassisted, be vigorous and thrifty, and gain efficiently to optimum harvest weight.
  • Carcass Traits - We have been collecting ultrasound data on the bulls for ten years and market our culls on the grid. 30 Purebred steer mates to our 2005 sale bulls graded 83% choice and 100% yield grade 1's and 2's with a 835# HCW average. 60 PB and % steer mates to our 2009 sale bulll's that didn't make the cut, graded 84% choice and 74% 1 & 2's.

The RCF cow herd is run similar to a commercial operation. All cows go to grass during the summer and graze cornstalks or winter range during the winter with silage and alfalfa hay when necessary. If she doesn't wean a calf she is culled.