RCF Bulls are "Built to Work" on Angus Cows

Why River Creek Farm's Bulls will maximize your Angus Based cow herd's profit:

1. Proven Calving Ease, Customer Validated for over 30 years.
2. Increase Weaning Weights with Hybrid Vigor
3. Enhance Disposition, Carcass and Maternal Traits
4. Maintain a Moderate Frames Size While Increasing Thickness
5. Higher Profit Potential
*, Based on Economically Relevant Traits $API & $TI.

The Power of Heterosis
There is a reason every kernel of corn planted in this country is a hybrid. It’s the same reason every commercial market hog, chicken, turkey and even catfish are hybrids. The power of heterosis is enormous.

The Goal: Produce for the Market
According to Tom Brink of Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding, LLC (10 feedyards, 811,000 capacity), Five Rivers first choice in feeders is the Angus /Continental cross, 50% to 75% Angus and 25% to 50% Continental. This blend of Angus and Continental cattle “creates a good feeding, good grading, good yielding animal that is usually the right size.”

The Perfect Combination
Higher percentage British cattle often lack muscle, yield and produce too many Yield Grade 4s. Higher percentage Continental cattle often lack grade and often get to big before they finish. A balanced combination of Angus and Continental breeding is tough to beat. This is solidified by the data below.

Simmental and Angus:  The Best of Continental and British
U. S. Meat Animal Research Center (MARC), Clay Center, NE. Report #22:

Economic Trait Simmental Ranking
Among Continental Breeds
Angus Ranking
Among British Breeds
Calving Ease
First (tie) First
Weaning Weight First First
Percent Choice First Second
Carcass Weight First First
Post Weaning Weight First First
Pounds of Retail Product First First
Shear Force First (tie)
Feed Efficiency by Weight Gain First Second
Feed Efficiency by Marbling First First
Feed Efficiency by Retail Product First Second
Feed Efficiency by Days Second Second
Percent Puberty First Second
Percent Pregnancy Second Third
Maternal Calving Ease First Second
Maternal Weaning Weight Second First