For five generations, we’ve managed our cowherd like a business, not a hobby. We’ve always placed our focus on breeding profitable genetics that can survive and thrive on our native grasses.

Joe Mertz

River Creek Farms

We cull relentlessly. Our customers should expect the highest quality calves to come from our premium selection of herd sires and cows. If bull and heifer calves don’t meet our strict standards, they become feeders in our feedlot.

Bulls are built to maximize profitability and reduce problems. Cows are expected to calve unassisted, re-breed on grass without grain and wean a calf. River Creek cattle work for us. We guarantee they’ll work for you.

Our Focus


Calving Ease

Customer validated for 30+ years



Your safety and trust is paramount.


Hybrid Vigor

Increase longevity and miximize pounds sold.


Carcass Merit

Increase profitability by producing a high quality product

Stewards of the Land

As the communities around us grow, significant pressure has been placed on native pasture to be sacrificed to development. This has resulted in the destruction of thousands of acres of native range. Our cowherd helps us conserve and properly develop the grass they graze so it can stay in agriculture for perpetuity.