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Superior Marbling

2024 Sale Bull Percentages

Our Herd vs. Breed Average

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At River Creek, we’ve fed sheep and cattle since the early 1900’s. We understand the importance of end-product value. Within our cowherd, we emphasize carcass and production traits equally. This results in bulls that will maximize cowherd profitability at the beginning and end of the supply chain.



Bulls Average in the top 17% for Marb EPD as a group


Have an above breed average Marbling EPD


Bulls Average in the top 14% for $TI EPD as a group

River Creek Herd vs. Breed Average

Marbling (MARB) EPD

River Creek cowherd has over 2x the marbling of an average Simmental herd

Terminal Index (TI) EPD

River Creek herd has above breed average TI EPD

It is easy to recommend your bulls and we do so all the time. We have been a customer for over 20 years and have never been disappointed with our choices even if we did not get our first choice.

Myla and Jim Cole

Circleville, KS

The best part of River Creek bulls is the people behind them. They have a good guarantee and they stand behind their cattle completely. Great people to do business with.

Ron Brown, Rimrock Ranch

Wray, Colorado

I’ve been very pleased with my River Creek bull. He’s gentle enough to feed by hand, haven’t pulled any calves since I’ve had him two calving seasons, and my calves topped the market the week I sold them the last two years. Couldn’t be happier with him.

Marc Molitor

Offerle, KS